Reopened Case Assigned to an Inactive or Virtual User



If a case marked as closed or resolved receives an email update, the case is reopened (or reactivated) and it will be assigned depending on the workflow settings of the project (by default: to the Primary Contact). If this user's account is inactive, the case might get lost or not answered in time.

To avoid this, it is recommended to change the workflow and assign reopened cases to a Virtual User acting as a user group or work queue, and regularly check cases assigned to this virtual user.



There is a virtual user available by default called Unassigned to which all reopened cases can be reassigned. To do this, users simply need to edit their workflow and set the Assign To field to the Unassigned virtual user for whichever category you choose (Bug, Major Bug, etc).


  1. Navigate to Avatar Menu > Workflow


  2. Go to Customize Workflows.


  3. Select Edit for the Workflow that is applied for your project (check the column Projects)


  4. Set a value to the Assign to field on Reactivating a Resolved Case and Reopening a Closed Case.


Using this solution will result in having all reopened cases assigned to the Unassigned virtual user. In this case, a shared filter creation is recommended which users can use to view all open cases assigned to the Unassigned virtual user.

A further improvement could be creating a virtual user specifically for this custom workflow. So instead of assigning the reopened cases to Unassigned, they could be assigned to a virtual user with a more relevant username such as Reopened.


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To verify that your workflow change has been applied successfully execute the following steps:

  1. Create a test case by sending an email to your FogBugz mailbox. You will get a confirmation email from FogBugz about the case creation.
  2. Assign the case to the project for which you just changed the Workflow.
  3. Close and Resolve the case.
  4. Reply to the email you received from FogBugz.
  5. Your case should be reopened and assigned to Unassigned (or Reopened).


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