Replacing FogBugz License



When a license upgrade fails to apply or the renewed license fails to load, we might need to manually remove the existing license from the FogBugz server so we can apply the new license.

In case you need to install a new license, the first step is to remove the existing one from the system. To learn how to do that, follow through this article. 




  1. Do a trial1 database backup. Always backup before attempting to apply any changes to the system.

  2. Notify users that FogBugz might be unresponsive for a short amount of time.

  3. Run TRUNCATE trial1.Licenses against the trial1 database:

    Use trial1
  4. Apply the new license that you can find in your mailbox. (The license would have been sent to your mailbox at the time of your purchase)

    1. Log into your existing FogBugz installation as an administrator.

      • In FogBugz 3-5, click on Licenses, top right on the administrator menu bar.
      • In FogBugz 6, click on Settings >Licenses.
      • In FogBugz 7 or 8, click on Admin >Licenses.
    2. Under Install New Licenses, enter the email address and order number associated with your license.


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If Step 3 goes without problems, the new license should be listed if queried:

Run SELECT * FROM Licenses 

Confirm that there is only one line with the current license. Also, confirm that the new license shows the correct expiration date.


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