Identifying the Size of FogBugz Database



Determining the size of a database is part of a system’s team operations to quantify and plan space management.





FogBugz On-Premises/On-Site




The easiest way to get the DB size would be to open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the Trial1 database, and run this query:

exec sp_spaceused

This will return the DB sizes, here is a short recording on how to do it:


Database Reporting

If you need to know specifics stats about the database, (i.e., the space consumed by the file attachments that were uploaded to FogBugz), you can always use the Reports > Standard Reports options on Trial1 database:



For the file attachments, keep in mind that FogBugz on-site/on-demand does not store files in any folder; those are stored in the database via BLOB Fields.


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