Kanban Column Empty in Case List After Upgrade



You might find that you are unable to see the Kanban items after upgrading your Manuscript On-Site or Fogbugz FYS instance, or after moving to FogBugz On-Demand.

Also, you might experience that in the filtered Case List views you find the old columns empty (eg: Kanban, Backlog Number), and find instead an additional column called Plug-in Column with the values <unsupported column>.

This impacts Manuscript and FYS instances migrated from versions before 8.18.810.




Kanban Board Redesign

In 2017, starting with Manuscript On-Site version 8.18.180 we introduced as a standard feature the improved and redesigned Kanban Board to replace the previously used Kanban Board which was available as a plugin. The compatibility issues between the two can cause the symptoms mentioned in the Overview chapter.


This is how the old Kanban Board looks: 


And this is how the new one looks: 


When upgrading to version 8.18.180, FogBugz tries to make some default internal conversions to upgrade to the new Kanban Board, but depending on how much you customized your previous Kanban Board (the old plugin), it might fail.

Since the old versions are so old and there are very few customers using it, there are no plans to develop the Kanban Board plugin further, nor to provide support for automatically migrating it to the new Kanban Board feature.



The workaround is to create new milestones and once those are shown in the Kanban Board, manually assign the cases to them. Only then the Kanban column in the Case List view will display information about the Kanban status.


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