Applying your FogBugz On-Premises License



This article provides step-by-step instructions about how to apply your FogBugz On-Premises license.

To activate FogBugz On-Premises, you as a customer must have a valid, active license.
Please, contact the Sales Team to get a quote on the renewal of a pre-existing license or expired license, or extension of your license for migration purposes (eg: because migrating to On-Demand), or to purchase a new license.



To apply a license to your On-Premises instance you will need the following:

  • Email address used to place your order
  • Order numbers received from Success team during the ordering process
  • Administrator access to your FogBugz installation
  • Machine ID / SID (to be retrieved as described in the steps below)
  • Computer name (to be retrieved as described in the steps below)

If you are reading this article because you need to reapply your license (it failed on a fresh install, or just updating it, or reinstalling it), then start with reading How to access the licenses on different FogBugz versions, then continue from Step 3

    1. After completing the installation of FogBugz On-Premises, create an account password when directed to do so (new installation).

    2. The Subscriptions page will appear after the first login, once the password creation process is completed (new installation). On the Subscriptions page, you have the option to either ENTER SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION or click on the link to enter license offline

    3. We currently only allow the use of the offline method of licensing. Click the enter license offline link to proceed, as shown in the image below.


      Previous versions of FogBugz On-Premises have a similar screen. You should be looking for the enter license offline link by the bottom of the Licenses screen.
    4. Clicking on the enter license offline link brings up the following screen.


      Machine ID and Computer fields should be filled out already automatically, and you are not able to change these values. Machine ID / SID is the unique machine identifier of your server, Computer is the human-readable Server Name of the same server.

      License and Signature will be provided by the support team.


    5. Submit a ticket to our Support Team. Please provide them the Machine ID and Computer (Server) Name for license generation.
      Please note: Computer (Server) Name is case sensitive.
    6. After generating the license, the Support Team sends the license along with the signature to the registered customer email address.

      The email sent by the Support Team will have the following two values:
      • License

      • Signature

    7. Copy and paste these values in the License and Signature fields in the offline license screen, and click OK. You will be redirected to the licensing page, which shows your subscription validity.

    8. After a few seconds, you should be redirected to the login page. If the page does not redirect, please access the FogBugz URL manually in the web browser window, and you will be prompted with the login box. The login URL should be similar to the below:



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How to access the licenses on different FogBugz versions

If for any reason you need to come back to the licenses (add additional licenses, resume the licensing process described above), you can access your licenses after logging in to your FogBugz instance with an Administrator account by executing the steps below, depending on the version you use:

On-Premise, and On-Site Versions

  • For On-Premise: Navigate to Avatar Menu > Your On-Premise Account > Manage Users.
  • For On-Site: Navigate to Gear Menu > Your On-Site Account.

For Your Server (FYS) Version

  • In FogBugz 3-5, click on Licenses, top right on the administrator menu bar.
  • In FogBugz 6, click on Settings > Licenses.
  • In FogBugz 7 or 8, click on Admin > Licenses.


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