Using Filter Rules to List Unresolved Cases with No Activity



This article shares examples to demonstrate the use of rules in FogBugz filters for sorting unresolved cases with no activity for a specified period. 



Consider the following examples as user requirements and the corresponding filter rules created to fulfill them:


Active Cases With No Action for a Week

Users want to create a filter rule for flagging and opening all cases that have remained in an active state for more than a week without any activity or changes in them. This activity may be editing, replies, re-assignment, status changes, etc.). 

The filter rule for the above condition is: lastEdited:"last week" and status:active. Once created, rename it for easier recall before saving. For example, you can rename this filter to 'Active cases with no action for a week'.  


Active Cases Created Two or More Weeks Earlier

Users wish to create a filter rule for flagging cases that have been active for weeks, with possibly repeated reassignment activity but are still unresolved.

The filter rule to fulfill this requirement is: opened:"-100w..-2w" and status:active

Note: This will return all cases that were created two weeks ago to 100 weeks ago that are still active. If the user has been using FogBugz for years, then replace 100w by a large enough number e.g.: -10000w

Once created, rename this filter before saving for easier recall. For example, you can rename this filter to 'Long term outstanding cases'.  


Using Saved Filters

Open saved filters from the 'My Filters' section to view cases that meet the filter criteria.

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