Missing Columns in Case Overview When Printing



Attempting to print a Case Listing in Fogbugz can be a challenge if the current filter/view contains a large number of columns. In this case, some columns might be missing from the page.

The image below shows an example of the standard Print dialog box for a Case Listing with a large number of columns. Several columns are missing from the right side.


This article explains this scenario in detail and provides instructions on how to print the entire view properly.


When printing a Case Listing, the challenge comes when the content has a large number of columns to print on a page. The more columns you have, the more space you need to print them. There are two possible ways to print the entire filter:

Adjusting Print Settings

  1. Open the desired filer in Google Chrome, which has a PDF printer built-in.
  2. Click Ctrl + P to print the desired page.
  3. Change the Layout or Paper size (or both).
  4. Click Save.



If you are using Firefox or Edge (and by definition iExplorer), then you can use the Microsoft PDF printer. Whichever way you chose to print the Case Listing, the resolution would be to adjust the page layout, change the paper size or the scale, and adjust the content to fit into one printable sheet.

By making these changes, you can adjust the print size of the Case Listing, regardless of the number of the columns, and make it fit into the available paper size.


Exporting to CSV

As an alternative to printing from the browser, you can 
export to CSV. This would allow saving all the columns into a CSV file that can be manipulated using common tools like Microsoft Office Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

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