Enabling and Disabling Community Users



Community users are free user accounts that allow you to partially (i.e., with limited access) open up your FogBugz to the outside. It is a user type; however, to utilize community users, the feature should be turned on. This article provides information on how to activate and deactivate the option of community users in Fogbugz. 

To have more information on user types and how to manage them, see the article on Managing FogBugz User Accounts.



  1. Go to the Avatar Menu (at the bottom left of the FogBugz main screen, go over your Profile Picture or User Name).
  2. Click Site Configuration.

  3. Go to the Authentication tab. 
  4. Set Community Users On.
    You can disable community users by setting Community Users Off
  5. At the Community Users Control title, pick either Only Admins... or Anybody... to determine who can create community users. 
  6. Click OK

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Supplemental Information

Once community users are enabled, you can create community users and groups. You can add community users to community groups and give community users access to projects and cases, individually or as a whole group. For more information, see the article on Using Community Users and Community User Groups and the article on Permissions and Visibility.


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