Preventing Search Engines Indexing Cases



It is reported that some case links that Fogbugz is sending to the customers are being indexed by Google. The case links are generated when a new case is created, and they are sent to the users via the auto-reply emails. They are intended for private viewing only. In other words, they are to be viewed only by the reporters. This article details the reason why search engine crawlers index case links and provides a solution for this problem. 

For more information on accessing cases, see the article on Sharing Limited Case Access.



Root Cause

This issue occurs when the case links are posted to other public sites (i.e., forums, blogs, etc.) that are crawled by search engines. As a result, anyone can access the links and view the cases reported by users.


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The solution for this issue is to place a Robots.txt file on the Fogbugz root directory, and add the necessary entries to stop search engine crawlers from indexing the whole site or the certain parts of it. Currently, we do not have an official documentation on Robots.txt usage with FogBugz. You may utilize this guide on Creating a Robots.txt File by Google. The guide provides information regarding Robots.txt syntax, along with some examples. 


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