Allowing Community Users and Anonymous Users to Submit and View Cases



You can allow the community users and anonymous users to submit and view cases by adding permissions to a project. This helps you open certain parts of your site to free users. In order to add a community user or a community user group to a project's permissions, first, the feature of community users should be turned on. See this article on Enabling and Disabling Community Users for more information. 





Adding Users or Groups to Project Permissions

  1. From the Avatar Menu, click Projects.
  2. Click on the edit icon (paper and pencil) on the left of the project you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit Permissions.
  4. Under the Community Users title, click Add a User or Group to give a community user or a community user group permission to submit cases.

  5. From the drop-down menu, select the user or the group you want to give permission to, and click the check icon

  6. To allow anonymous users to submit cases, under the title Anonymous Users, select the Submit Cases radio button.


Community users and anonymous users cannot be given Admin permission. For more information on managing permissions, see this article on Permissions and Visibility.


Case Submissions

When necessary configurations are done, a link that provides a simplified case entry form appears on the home page for anonymous and/or community users. If the user is logged in as a community user, the email field is filled in for them automatically. (See the sample form below.)

(Click image to enlarge.)

When a community user submits a case, FogBugz sends a confirmation email to the user. This email includes a URL with an eight-letter password that shows the status of this case, as well as any other cases that are entered using the same email address.

Warning! This eight-letter password is only emailed to the user who created the case. It should not be shared publicly. Sharing a case link in public sites allows search engine crawlers to index the cases. To avoid that, please see this article on Preventing Search Engines Indexing Cases


When a community user or an anonymous user looks at a case, they only see their correspondence. They do not see the internal assignments, edits, and conversations conducted by the logged-in users.


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Supplemental Information

Public case submission works best for people who are working with a known set of users, such as an internal group within the same corporation. Public case submission does not allow you to require certain fields. If you need certain fields to be required, or if you are working with a large group of external users, you might have better success in creating a simple email form and leveraging FogBugz's email functionality


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