Professional Services Scope of Work



This article provides information on the list of currently available tasks that our Professional Services can offer you to take your FogBugz experience to the next level. 




Services provided by Professional Services:

  • Fresh FogBugz On-Premise Installations
  • FogBugz Migrations
    • FBFYS to On-Demand (data migration)
    • FBFYS to On-Premise (installation and data migration)
    • On-Premise to On-Demand (data migration)
    • On-Demand to On-Premise (installation and data migration)
    • MySQL to MSSQL (data conversion and migration)
  • Frontend Customizations 
    • Branding
    • Styles
    • Colors
    • Email
    • Templates
    • Settings (workflow, Kanban board for agile projects, etc.)
NOTE: Professional Services does not provide code customizations, backend customizations (functionalities or enhancements), or Kiln migrations.

In case you are interested in one of the services mentioned above, please feel free to contact our Success Team via We will be happy to assist you!


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