Professional Services Scope of Work



Our Professional Services team can be engaged for the tasks listed in the current article.

They are not available for any other task. Eg:

  • they DO NOT offer support for exporting all your FogBugz tickets into a third-party system
  • they DO NOT provide code customizations, backend customizations (functionalities or enhancements), or Kiln migrations.



Services provided by Professional Services:

  • Fresh FogBugz On-Premise Installations
    • Whether an installation can be managed by the Professional Services team is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 
  • FogBugz Migrations
    • FBFYS to On-Demand (data migration)
    • FBFYS to On-Premise (installation and data migration)
    • On-Premise to On-Demand (data migration)
    • On-Demand to On-Premise (installation and data migration)
    • MySQL to MSSQL (data conversion and migration)

Contact us if you are interested in engaging our Professional Services team.


Support agents

Please refer to the FogBugz and Kiln - Components and Simplified Routing Table on how to contact the Professional Services team.



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