FogBugz Installation Error: "Unexpected Puppet exit code=1​"



When installing FogBugz On Site or Manuscript On Premise, the installer might prompt the following error message.

19:14:16 [AS - RunPuppet] Could not run: Could not find file C:/Program
19:14:16  [psake] Error: 3/28/2019 3:14:16 PM:
+                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [<<==>>] Exception: Unexpected Puppet exit code=1


This article provides information on the root cause of this issue and the resolution for it. 




FogBugz On Premise 8.15 and above


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Root Cause

This error occurs when the installer folder name contains whitespace(s). The FogBugz installer is intended to be executed from a drive (media or mounted virtual drive). Hence, Puppet installer cannot resolve paths with whitespaces. 

In the legacy FogBugz versions, the error message Exception: Unexpected Puppet exit code=1 is related to "Could not retrieve fact FQDN, which usually means that the machine is not on a domain. However, this issue is fixed in the newer versions of FogBugz.


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If you have unpacked the FogBugz On Premise ISO installer in a folder, make sure that the folder name does not contain any whitespaces.


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The installation completes without the Puppet errors. 


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