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The FogBugz Ocelot upgrade removes plugins from FogBugz On-Demand and FogBugz On-Site (FogBugz for your Server is not affected). We have found that the FogBugz team wrote most of the plugins which FogBugz users have enabled. These are all being re-implemented to benefit from the speed boost of FogBugz Ocelot, and some features previously provided by plugins have been moved from the old plugins page to new locations.

The tables below show the status of all plugins (in alphabetical order) previously available in FogBugz.




Currently Available







Add Subscribers


A native feature in FogBugz Ocelot has replaced the AddSubscribers plugin.

Enable it in the Advanced tab (mceclip0.png > Site Configuration).





Automatically subscribe to certain types of cases (e.g., all in a specified project) via the Subscribe option in your avatar menu.





Add custom JavaScript and CSS to FogBugz.



Case Event Edit


Modify existing comments on cases, maintaining a full revision history.



Case Event Merge


When resolving a case as a duplicate of another, it allows the user to choose to show its events in the other case.



Case Updated Notifications


FogBugz shows a yellow notification real-time when another user edits a case you are viewing (formerly BugMonkey customization).



Clark Kent


Simple time reporting of time spent against FogBugz cases.



Code Snippets


Format text as code blocks in cases by wrapping with <code></code>. Use the Insert menu in wikis to add formatted code blocks to articles.



Community Case List


Provide authorized community users access to a list of all cases in a project.



Custom Fields


Add your custom fields to cases under Custom Fields in the mceclip0.png menu.



Dependencies (replaced by Postpone)


Create dependencies between cases such that when one or more are resolved, another case is reactivated.



Do Later (replaced by Postpone)


Setup notifications about a case or re-open it to you at a later date.



Email All Users


As an administrator, send an email to all users in your account via Email All Users in the mceclip0.png menu.



Filter Export


Export any case list as a CSV file under the more drop-down.



FogBugz News Network (FNN)


Provides information on activity in FogBugz as who is working on what case.



FogBugz Time Sheet


Provides two reports, hours spent per person per project, and case events created in a given time period (formerly a plugin named "FogBugzTimeSheetPlugin" by Albrektsen Innovasjon AS).



Inline Image Attachments


Show images which your correspondent attached in-line in the place they chose instead of the bottom of the case.



Iteration Planner


This plugin replaces Project Backlog, and it is located under the tools menu.



Kanban Board


Manage your cases with a new Kanban board interface.





Kiln changesets are displayed in FogBugz cases, which they reference.



Kiln Lock Down


This plugin lets you prevent access to Kiln for certain users, but was discontinued on November 20, 2014, when it became obsolete. 

You can now specify whether each user can access FogBugz, Kiln, or both under mceclip0.png > Users.





When editing a case, enter one or more users' names to notify them of the change.



Perforce DTG Integration


Integrate FogBugz with the Perforce Detect Tracking Gateway under mceclip0.png > Source Control.



Project Groups


Group several projects under a larger heading.





Switch your case filter from a list to a chart or graph with the control in the top-left.



URL Trigger


Configure URLs for FogBugz to send data about case changes under mceclip0.png > URL Trigger.



Wiki Article Index


Similar to the built-in table of contents, this widget shows an index of all articles in the wiki.



Wiki Article Table of Contents


Add a dynamic table of contents to a wiki article using the Insert menu.



Wiki Comments


Add a comments widget to a wiki article using the Insert menu.



Wiki Info-Page Plugins


View various information about an article by clicking the Info link.



Wiki Navigation


Using the default FogBugz 8 wiki template, enable a dynamic navigation sidebar.





Configure custom categories, statuses, and workflow assignments under mceclip0.png > Workflow.


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Auto Assign


Assign a case to yourself automatically when you begin working on it.

Discontinued by the author on April 10, 2014.



Attachment Sidebar


All attachments on a case are shown in one concise list in the left sidebar.





Create and edit Balsamiq mockups in cases and wikis.

This plugin was discontinued on November 20, 2014. See Balsamiq's post for more information.





It allows you to add arbitrary HTML to the top of all cases.

Discontinued by the author on June 12, 2014.



Case Swiped Notification


Get a notification email whenever a case that was assigned to you is assigned away to another user.



Case to Salesforce


Incoming emails in FogBugz create tasks in Salesforce.

Discontinued by the author on October 9, 2014.





Add and edit Creately diagrams in FogBugz cases and wikis.

This plugin was discontinued on November 20, 2014. See Creately's post for more information.



Discuss Plus


Provides many enhancements to discussion groups.



Email Print


It provides a print-view for emails in cases.

Discontinued by the author on June 12, 2014.



FB Scratch Out


It allows users to cross out existing case comments.



FogBookz 4 FreshBooks


Time interval integration with Freshbooks.

Discontinued by the author on June 12, 2014.



FogBugz Report Generator Plugin


Generates status reports for FogBugz projects, listing cases worked on by each team member and time spent.

Discontinued on September 10, 2015.



Hipchat Notify


Setup notifications to Hipchat when certain actions occur in cases.

Discontinued on September 28, 2015.





Show the last time each user logged into FogBugz.

Discontinued on February 2, 2015.





It displays the number of email responses sent per day.

Discontinued on September 10, 2015.



Original Opener


Show and filter by the user who first opened the case (vs. the most recent re-opener).

"We have changed the behavior of FogBugz (as of version 8.10.637) so that the "opened-by" field on a case does not change when the case is re-opened. The old behavior or changing the "opener" to whoever most recently (re)opened the case is gone, so this plugin is obsolete."



Relative Time


Show date fields in the case list columns in relative format (e.g., "tomorrow").



Tidy Case Events


Hide minor edits to cases.



Wiki Article: Case Relationships


It provides links between cases and wikis.



Workflow for qTrace


It enables integration with the qTrace testing tool.

Discontinued on September 28, 2015.


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