Issues with Incoming Emails Due to POP Proxy State



Users may report that their FogBugz On-Site/On-Premise emails are not being received properly. This article shares the resolution of this issue.


Affected Versions

  • FogBugz On-Premise and On-Site
  • Microsoft Exchange Server



You must have access to the Exchange Server that hosts the email functionality.


Root Cause

The status of the PoPProxy attribute is in an inactive state.



Follow these steps to change the state of the PoPProxy attribute:

  1. Log on to the Exchange server that is configured for the FogBugz On-Site instance. 
  2. Run the following command in Powershell: Get-ServerComponentstate -Identity <Enter server name>
  3. Verify the state of the PoPProxy component.
  4. If it is set to 'Inactive', run the following command in Powershell to change its status to active: Set-ServerComponentState -Identity <Enter server name> -Component PopProxy -Requester HealthAPI -State Active



FogBugz On-Site/On-Premise emails begin to arrive correctly.