Forgot Your Password Functionality



Forgetting the password is more common than most people would like to admit. In most cases, the user has the password autocompleted by the browser or a 3rd party application. When the password is lost, the user finds no way to regain access to the application apart from resetting the password.

It is common that when users have been using Single Sign-On or Google OAuth for too long, the original FogBugz credential is forgotten or lost. Also, when changing the PC, or running a maintenance task that cleans cookies and passwords from the browser (security purposes mostly), or an application update/uninstall may result in passwords to be lost. In such cases, the affected user will need to use the Forgot Password functionality to regain access to the application.



  1. FogBugz password recovery options:

    • To recover the FogBugz password, please attach the following at the end of the URL to your site:



    • Another way is by clicking the Forgot Password button at the login screen.


  2. You will land on the Forgot your Password? Page.

    Enter the email address or the full name you used during sign up, and then click OK.

  3. The system will send an auto-generated email with a password reset link to the email associated with the user/email entered above.


    Note: The email subject starts with "FogBugz & Kiln Password Reset" and is sent from do-not-reply@<your-account-name> email. You might want to whitelist the domain to prevent the password reset email from inadvertently land in your spam folder.
  4. Clicking the password reset link will take the user to the Reset Password page.

    Input the new password twice and submit. Please note that the password must be at least 6 characters long.



Once the new password is submitted successfully, the user will regain access to the FogBugz account.

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