Incoming Emails Are Missing After Changing the Account Name



Changing your FogBugz account name will result in losing incoming emails going to your former account name. This article shares the resolution of this issue by illustrating the process of recreating your former account with the notification setting to inform you every time an email is received on your former FogBugz account name.

Warning: Inform your customers and team well in advance before changing your FogBugz account name. Failing to do so can have a negative impact on your communication with customers and stakeholders.



To understand the process illustrated in this article, let us assume the following:

  • The former account name is '', and its emails are received at ''.
  • The new account name is '', and its emails are received at ''.

Now, review the following steps to set up notifications for incoming emails on your former FogBugz account (

  1. Start by creating a new trial account using your former FogBugz account name (i.e., with the email


  2. In this account, create another admin or normal account for 'notification' purposes using the email of your new FogBugz account ( We recommend naming this secondary account, 'Redirection'.
    Note: It is recommended to use a separate account to prevent the emails for your admin account being forwarded inadvertently to this new (Redirection) FogBugz account, creating a loop. 


  3. In the newly created (Redirection) account, select the option to notify via email 'Instantly', as seen in the screenshot below. This will send email notifications at '', every time an email is received at ''.

  4. In the newly created (Redirection) account, edit the 'Categories' and make the 'Bug' category the default category for new cases.


  5. Edit the default workflow to automatically assign all 'Bug' cases to the newly created (Redirection) account.

    Note: These steps will ensure that all incoming emails create a case that will be tagged under the 'Bug' category, and assigned to the newly created (Redirection) user account.

The process described above will trigger a notification for '', every time an email is received at ''.



A case will be created in your new FogBugz account ( every time an email is received in your former FogBugz account (


Since this process is a workaround, it is recommended to set up the following auto-reply message in your former FogBugz account:

Thank you for your message. We will be getting back to you as soon as possible. 

Please note that we are now using a new FogBugz account. Kindly reach out to us at in the future.