Unable to Export All Fields When Using 'Export to CSV' Filter




Sometimes, when you try to use the Export to CSV feature, you notice that:

  • You cannot export more columns by clicking Select Columns and adding more fields to be exported to CSV.
  • Your current filter is disregarded and, based on the total filter result, all the cases are exported.

This article describes the root cause and resolution of these issues.




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Root Cause


The Export to CSV feature is not enabled.


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To resolve the issue, you must enable the ClientSideCSVExport functionality by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to the http://<Your Site URL>/f/debug page.

  2. Click Account Feature Switches on the Debug Page.


  3. Search for ClientSideCSVExport in the list of feature switches. In the Trial Override column, select Force Enable from the dropdown menu and then click Update.



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The following section describes the difference when the feature is enabled and disabled.

Note: You should have at least 50 or more cases to notice the difference.

  • Disabled: The Export to CSV will disregard what your current filter is and will export the total number of cases of your filter results.



  • Enabled: The Export to CSV will consider your current filter, for example, in this case, it will only export 50 out of the total number of cases.



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Additional Information


You will be able to select and add more columns by clicking Select Columns. These columns will also be included once you select the export to CSV feature.



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