FogBugz is Not Pulling or Delivering Emails and you get Admin Notification Error: A message is stuck in mailbox...



FogBugz is unable to pull emails and you get the error: A message is stuck in mailbox... in the Admin Notifications section. The error indicates that there is an email stuck in your mailbox (not well-formed/malformed), or is too large and could not be delivered (pulled/retrieved) by FogBugz.

This can also happen on FogBugz On-Demand instance after an outage related to emails.

This can happen also for FogBugz On-Premise.



Getting rid of the stuck email on the mailbox will prevent FogBugz from encountering this error.

After an outage related to emails Retrying the message sending can help.

Note: Clearing the Admin Notification section in FogBugz will temporarily get rid of the error message and download the other emails. When FogBugz runs into the same email, this will prompt the same error message (confirming that the issue still exists).


Checking the Mailbox for Malformed or Large Emails

You will need to log in to your mailbox, either using a client mail software (i.e., Thunderbird, Outlook) or the Web UI of your mail provider (Gmail, Office365, etc.). Try to find emails in the Inbox that are too large or are not well formatted.

Once such an email was identified, you can either:

  • mark the email as read;
  • delete the email; or
  • move the email to a different folder (move out from the Inbox)

Manually creating a case in FogBugz for the particular email is also an alternative.


Note: If a customer really wants the email downloaded to FogBugz automatically, ask for the email's original content from the customer and create a JIRA escalation to the Engineering team as a Customer Defect. Engineering should be able to analyze if the email is downloadable or not.



Retry the Mail Sending

To apply these steps you will need Administrator access to your FogBugz instance.

Sometimes a method that works for releasing stuck emails is to manually retry the message sending:

  1. Go to Avatar Menu > Site Configuration > Mail
  2. Under Mail Queue Information you probably find a message like this: There is x message that could not be delivered.
  3. Click on the Retry Message next to the informational message. This should result in FogBugz restarting the mail sending and receiving process that was on hold due to the stuck mail or due to a previous outage.Retry_Message.png



After applying these steps FogBugz should be able to pull emails again from the mailbox. 


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