Unblocking Adobe Flash Player in Chrome




When reaching the project report page on FogBugz, you might be unable to view the graph section and see the following error message:

Adobe Flash Player is blocked


This article provides the steps on how to unblock the Adobe Flash Player plugin in Google Chrome.


Root Cause


The Adobe Flash Player has been deprecated for modern browsers and is disabled by default.  When required by certain websites, users need to enable the Flash Player option manually. 




To enable the Adobe Flash plugin for the FogBugz portal, follow these steps:

  1. While logged into FogBugz, locate and click the lock icon (Lock) or the Info icon (View site information) on the left side of the FogBugz URL address. Select Site Settings on the context menu:


  2. On the Site settings page, scroll down and locate the Flash permission option. Enable Flash by clicking the down arrow (Down arrow) and selecting the Allow option on the dropdown menu:


  3. Go back to the Fogbugz site and reload the page.


Note: The information above is based on the official Google Chrome help webpage. A similar or equivalent process applies to other browsers.




Once the Adobe Flash plugin is enabled on your web browser, you should be able to view the graph section of the project report page:




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