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We know that our customers may occasionally require a change in their account name. Such a request mainly results from changes in their organization, such as mergers leading to a change in their company name, rebranding, or change in management.

Regardless of the reason, we do have the capacity to change the account name, and the purpose of this article is to detail the process for requesting this change and informing about the possible unintended consequences.

  • This process alters the URL used for accessing the FogBugz account: customers interested in a name change must notify both team members and stakeholders before the execution of the process to avoid any connectivity problems and support requests related to login issues.
    NOTE: Changing the account URL may cause some panic on the customer's side, mistakenly reporting login issues, as end-users and team members will be unable to log in using the old URL.
  • Customers often ask for redirection of incoming email messages after the name has been changed, once they realize that their contacts are unable to keep up with the change. Please read Forwarding cases from one FogBugz account to another.



Before asking for an account name check, please verify the new account / proposed name availability:


Account Name Checks

Verify that the new domain is available. There are two methods available:

  • Copy and paste the link to your address bar and see if the domain is still available. (e.g. https://<newdomain>


    NOTE: If the page returns "Account Not Found," this means that the proposed account name is available.

  • Go to, click on "Try FogBugz," then type the new domain in the Choose your team name field.



    NOTE: If the page says, "This team name is available!", this means that the proposed account name is available.


Requesting the Account Name Change

If you have reached this point and are still interested in an account name change, please open a request with Customer Support or send us an email with the following information:

    • Your full name and email (for verification purposes). Please note that only an active administrator for the account can request the name change.
    • Current account name (i.e. https://<domain>
    • Proposed new account name (i.e. https://<new-domain>
Please note that we can only change the account name if the proposed new name is available.


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