FogBugz Navigation Sidebar (On-Premises/On-Demand 8.21 and Later)



After upgrading to FogBugz On-Premises/On-Demand version 8.21 or later, you may not be able to find the previously available options in the top menu. This is because the new FogBugz navigation bar appears on the side and is collapsible, giving you more room on the screen.


This article shares a summary of the most significant changes to options in the new navigation sidebar of FogBugz.



Refer to the details below to learn more:


Logo Button

Clicking the logo in the top-left corner of the sidebar (site admins can change the default FogBugz Kiwi logo) now links to your current filter instead of the old main menu page. The old main menu page is still accessible at: <your_fogbugz_url>>/f/page?pg=pgOldMainMenu


Avatar and Gear Menus

The Avatar and Gear menus have been combined into a single menu with separate sections for personal and site-wide items. Find this by hovering your mouse cursor over your avatar in the bottom-left corner of the sidebar.


Starred and Recent Cases

Starred and Recent Cases have been replaced by newer items on the sidebar and are now available in separate menus. 


Time Tracking

Time Tracking functionality, including working schedules, estimation history, and FNN, has been moved to a separate menu in the sidebar.


Evidence-Based Scheduling (EBS)

EBS is now available under the time tracking menu. To access EBS, hover over the Time Tracking menu and select Schedules in the section entitled Reports



The direct link to the Kanban board is now available under the Planner menu.


Release Notes

The Release Notes page link is no longer available. Instead, these notes can be seen as a column in the list view.


Mobile Site

The Mobile Site has been moved to the Avatar menu. We are working hard at making FogBugz responsive, so the mobile site is no longer needed.