Generating an HTTP Archive (HAR) File in Chrome



When you encounter complex issues with FogBugz or Kiln, such as troubles with an expected UI behavior while using the Chrome browser, we need some information from your Chrome perspective in order to help you resolve it. This article explains how to generate an HTTP Archive (HAR) file, which contains a record of a Chrome browsing history.



Opening the Developer Tools

  1. Open Chrome on your system and then do the following:
    • For Mac - press ⌥⌘I
    • For Windows - press Ctrl+Shift+I
  2. This presents a developer section at the bottom or top of your browser window.
  3. Select the Network tab.

Bottom pan view


Top window View


Recording your browser Activity

  1. Now navigate through your browser’s web pages until you are ready to record your session.
  2. If the record button is not active (usually red) then click it.


  1. Click clear to remove any extraneous history.


  1. When you are done, click the record button to stop recording – it goes grey.


Saving your Browser Activity

  1. To save your browsing activity, right-click inside the developer panel and select “Save as HAR with content”.
  2. Once you have saved the HAR file, you can send it to us as a case attachment.