Disabling Intro Case for New Accounts



FogBugz automatically creates Introduction cases (demo cases) whenever a new account is created. If your users are not interested in having such demo cases to start learning FogBugz on them, you can disable the creation of such intro cases.



Please follow the instructions below for both on-demand and on-premise users:


  1. Log in to your FogBugz instance as Administrator.
  2. Open the following URL: <Your-Site>/default.asp?pg=pgPlugins.
  3. This will list the plugins page:

  4. Toggle the Intro Case plugin by clicking on the Yes link in the second column.
  5. It will ask you for confirmation. Click OK to disable it.

  6. Once disabled, the link will change to read No. Clicking on it again would re-enable the plugin.



Having this plugin disabled, the intro cases should not be created for the new users you create from now on.