Disable Two-Factor Authentication



This article provides information on how to disable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an administrator.


How to Disable 2FA


Via FogBuz UI

Follow these steps to disable 2FA for a user account:

  1. In a browser, go to the URL of your FogBugz account [subdomain].fogbugz.com.

  2. Log in with your username and password.

  3. From the Avatar menu, go to users.

  4. Select the user you want to modify and choose Edit.

  5. Click the link to disable 2FA.


Via Database (On-Premise)

Follow these steps to disable 2FA via the database:

  1. Log in to the FogBugz database server.

  2. Run the following script to consult the active 2FA users:

    SELECT tfa.[ixPerson], p.[sFullName], p.[sEmail]
    FROM [trial1].[dbo].[PersonTFA] tfa
    inner join [trial1].[dbo].[Person] p on p.ixperson = tfa.ixperson

    NOTE: Replace trial1 with the name of your database.

  3. Determine whether the 2FA is to be removed for a single user, a set of users, or all users.


    If... Then...
    One user

    Select the user ID of the account having 2FA disabled and replace theixPerson value with the user ID in the following script:

    DELETE FROM [trial1].[dbo].[PersonTFA] where ixPerson = 2

    A set of users

    Select the user IDs of the accounts having 2FA disabled, and replace the ixPerson values in the following script with the user IDs, separating each ID with a comma:

    DELETE FROM [trial1].[dbo].[PersonTFA] where ixPerson in (2,3,5,7...20)

    All users

    Use the following script, replacing trial1 with the name of your database:

    TRUNCATE TABLE [trial1].[dbo].[PersonTFA]

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