FogBugz XML API: Wikis



Use this set of commands to manage your Wiki pages from the FogBugz API.


Use the next set of commands in order to manage wikis from the XML API.

  • cmd=newWiki
    Arguments: s, sTagLineHTML (s is the title of the new wiki)

  • cmd=editWiki
    Arguments: ixWiki, s (optional), sTagLineHTML (optional), ixTemplate (optional)
  • cmd=deleteWiki
    Arguments: ixWiki
  • cmd=undeleteWiki
    Arguments: ixWiki
  • cmd=newArticle
    Arguments: ixWiki, sHeadline, sBody, cols, dt, ixPersonEditedBy, sTags
  • cmd=editArticle
    Arguments: ixWikiPage, sHeadline, sBody, sComment, dt, ixPersonEditedBy, sTags
  • cmd=listWikis
    Arguments: (none)
  • cmd=listArticles
    Arguments: ixWiki
  • cmd=listRevisions
    Arguments: ixWikiPage
  • cmd=viewArticle
    Arguments: ixWikiPage, nRevision (optional)
  • cmd=listTemplates
    Arguments: (none)
  • cmd=listTemplateRevisions
    Arguments: ixTemplate
  • cmd=viewTemplate
    Arguments: ixTemplate, nRevision (optional)
  • cmd=deleteTemplate
    Arguments: ixTemplate
  • cmd=newTemplate
    Arguments: sTemplate, sBodyHTML, sBodyCSS, sComment, fDefault
  • cmd=editTemplate
    Arguments: ixTemplate, sTemplate (optional), sBodyHTML (optional), sBodyCSS (optional), sComment (optional), fDefault(optional)
  • cmd=wikiFileUpload
    Arguments: ixWiki, File1 (multipart/form-data)

See also the full XML API documentation.