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You can easily create multiple Users in FogBugz by using a previously created User as a template, and Copy the template user. The new Users will have the exact same settings that the original one, but with different Email Address and Name (Optional).


  1. Open the Manage Users page as Administrator.
  2. On the user that you would like to copy, click the Copy hyperlink. ManageUsers_CopyUser_1.jpg
  3. You will be presented with a screen with an empty textbox for the new Email Addresses and Names. There you can type your required duplications following the next guidelines:
    • Only one user per line is allowed, each in the following format:
      •, Full Name
      • OR, you can specify just an email:
    • Every new line will create a new duplicated User.
  4. If you want an overview of the User that is being copied, scroll down, and expand the desired elements. ManageUsers_CopyUser_3.jpg
  5. Click OK to start the duplication.

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