Automatic Reply Rules



When you configure a mailbox, you can optionally configure automatic replies to new incoming emails. These are the rules and limitations for automatic replies.



Using Automatic Replies is the only way to configure Fogbugz to send automatic messages to an outside party (a user without a FogBugz account).

These are the circumstances where automatic replies are not sent:

  • The case is Resolved or Closed. In such a case, you can send an email manually, before closing the case.
  • To follow-ups on the existing cases.
  • The incoming message is categorized as SPAM.
  • The From or Reply-to field contains postmaster, daemon, owner, bounced, no-reply, do-not-reply, noreply, or donotreply.
  • The Precedence field is junk or bulk.
  • The From or Reply-to email address has already received three replies in the previous hour.


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