How Many Additional Case-Email Addresses does FogBugz On-Demand Support



By default, FogBugz On-Demand provides one free email address to be used for case creation. This is in the format of This is set up automatically when you sign-up for a FogBugz On-Demand account.


Besides the default case-email, we do not provide additional email addresses (not even for a fee).

If you need additional email addresses to be used for case creation and for auto-replies, you can use any other email address provided by other email hosting services, including free email providers like Gmail or Outlook.

The number of email addresses you can add is not limited,  you can set up as many mailboxes as you want, such as,, or 

For more information about setting up additional mailboxes and how FogBugz handles incoming mails, please see the related articles section.

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