Custom Fields



Customer-facing information

What is it?

If the case fields provided by Manuscript don’t quite serve your needs, you can add your own custom field in a matter of minutes. The field can be any of several types including text, drop-down, and date/time.

Who will use it?

All Manuscript users.

How is it used?

You can access the Custom Fields management page by going to Avatar menu > Custom Fields:


On this page you can choose Add New Custom Field or click the Edit icon in the Configure column to change the configuration of an existing custom field.

Once a custom field exists, you’ll be able to set values for the new field when editing a case. You will also be able to see a new column in the gridview, and even search for cases based on the values of their custom fields.

In order to control the visibility of a custom field, you’ll need to edit the properties of the custom field. To do this, click the Edit icon in the Configure column for the field in question; then under All Projects uncheck the checkbox, and select the applicable projects.