Time Tracking Configuration - My Estimation History



The time tracking configuration enables the revision of the user’s estimation history as well as setting up the personal and site working schedules.

Site working schedules are used by site admins, while the estimation history and personal working schedules are used by all FogBugz users.




My Estimation History

To remove a bad, worst, or outlier from your estimation history, go to Time Tracking > My Estimation History and click the trash/recycle bin icon for the bad estimate.


Note that the list is only built when you have at least 10 estimate-vs-actuals in your history:


Remove an estimate that isn’t in your Estimate History list

You can remove any case from your estimate history by pointing your browser to the following URL:

https://[YOUR URL]/default.asp?pre=preDiscardEst&pg=pgEstimator&ixPerson=[YOUR ixPerson]&ixBug=[THE ixBug]


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