FogBugz News Network



Similar to the Timesheet Reports, you can enable the FogBugz News Network (FNN) for additional reporting functionality via the Extra Features page.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Hover over the Main Menu > Time Tracking (This name can change to the case number that you are currently working on).
  2. Select any of the five reports marked with FNN:


FNN Reporting Functions

See the following screenshots to understand each FNN reporting function.

  • FNN - Activity Report (Detail) displays detailed information about all activities.
  • FNN - Activity Report (Summary) lets you sort activity details to provide a comprehensive summary by any combination of users, groups, projects, and date range. It is highly useful to see what users have been up to or view an overall activity summary for a project in a chosen period.
  • FNN - Recent Events simply lists all recent activities to keep you updated. This list can be sorted for users and projects.
  • FNN- Subscription keeps you on top of all subscribing activities.
  • FNN- Work In Progress gives you a quick update on what's currently in progress.