Remove Spam from Your Inbox with Autosort



Autosort automatically sorts incoming email into different areas. This article shows how Autosort separates spam from non-spam. Follow the steps below to set up a simple spam email filter:

  1. Set up a mailbox in FogBugz, leaving the Autosort default intact.

    If you are on FogBugz, you can optionally skip this step, as you have a built-in mailbox. When you point Autosort at a project, it automatically creates three areas in that project: Spam, Not Spam, and Undecided. You can add as many as you want, but we strongly recommend no more than 4 additional areas (7 areas total).

  2. On the Filters menu, choose Inbox to see all your incoming emails sorted neatly. (Create a new filter if the mail is in another project.)

  3. Start sorting messages into appropriate areas.

After FogBugz has seen fifteen non-spam emails, it has enough data to start auto-sorting. For the initial period, you might want to keep an eye on the Spam folder for false positives. Every time you move an email, FogBugz will learn a bit more.