Refresh the case everything written is lost



When we are writing an update or email to a client in a case, if at the time you are writing an email the case receives an update, we are unable to complete the email. If you click send the case seems to lock and you cannot mail it since there is an update notice.


Manuscript on Demand


Agent, End-User

Root Cause

This has caused some issues and the solution right now is to copy everything written, cancel and refresh to allow the update to show up. Then reopen the email feature and paste back to it. I think in the old version this did not happen. Also, if you don't copy what is written, and refresh the case everything written is lost.


Manuscript's expected behavior when you attempt to submit a case edit (including emails) when the case has been changed in the meantime is for the edit to not go through so you can review the latest changes before submitting. If, after viewing the changes to the case, you still want to submit, clicking the button should work. It looks something like this: 

  • Editing a case, but a change was made while I was working on it


  • Click "Save" on the edit. Manuscript prevents submitting until I can look at the changes:


  • Now that I've seen what changed while I was working on my edit, I can confirm that I want to save: