Cases Are Not Displayed in the Iteration Planner



At times, you may notice that some cases are missing from the Iteration Planner. This can happen if the Iteration Planner and Kanban Board have a 500-cases-per-milestone limit in place per user. Hence, when the Kanban case search is performed, it retrieves all the cases in the milestone and then takes the top 500 (including closed cases). Once this list is ready, it applies the project filter. So if the cases you are missing do not fall into the initial 500 cases batch, they would not be displayed.



There are two possible workarounds to view the missing cases:

  • You can create a new milestone with less than 500 cases so that all cases would be displayed in the Iteration Planner.
  • You can see more cases by clicking Show Closed Cases in your Kanban column headers.



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