Additional Configuration Steps after Upgrading FogBugz On-Premises



During the FogBugz upgrade process, after running the installer and restoring the database from backup, you will need to execute additional configuration steps to make sure that the schema is updated, you are using the latest security configurations, and the search data is updated.

The additional configuration steps to be taken depend on the FogBugz version you are upgrading from.



  • Administrator access to FogBugz On-Premises
  • SQL Administrator access to Microsoft SQL Server Instance
  • The latest FogBugz On-Premise installer has been run
  • The backup created before starting the installer has been restored (this prerequisite is not needed if you are doing an in-place upgrade)



Follow the steps described below to have a complete and correct upgrade of your FogBugz On-Premise.


Disable LDAP

LDAP is not supported in the newest FogBugz versions. You might not be able to access your system after restoring the database.

Follow the steps described in this article to disable LDAP and enable Login Boxes: Missing Login Boxes After Upgrading or Moving to Test Environment. After executing these steps, you should be able to login with FogBugz Administrator account.


Update the Database Schema

During the upgrade, the FogBugz installer updates the schema.

In case the upgrade didn't go smoothly, you can check the database schema using one of the following methods:

  • Visiting the following URL: <your FogBugz URL>/default.asp?pg=pgForceDatabaseCheck
    • This will make FogBugz run through the entire database and add columns, indices and other info that it needs.

  • Visiting the following URL: <your FogBugz URL>/f/debug/database/schemacheck
    1. Use the Fix Error option to resolve the schema error if the system is listing on the page.
    2. On the resulting page, click the Back to Schema Check button. If there are still errors on the page, contact us by sending us the error details.


Update the Search Indexes (Run ElasticSearch Backfill)

Run the ElasticSearch Indexer Backfill Reset as described here: ElasticSearch Indexer Backfill Reset - Fixing Search Issues (FogBugz On-Premise).


Update the URL Prefix for Email

If during the upgrade you changed your FogBugz URL, you will need to update FQDN in the URL Prefix for Emails by running the following update in the trial1 database:

UPDATE Setting
SET sValue = 'http://your.full.URL'
WHERE sKey LIKE '%sURLPrefixEmail%';


Disable the Kiln plugin

Disable the Kiln plugin especially if you are upgrading from pre 8 versions by running the following update in the trial1 database:

UPDATE Plugin SET fEnabled=0 WHERE sPluginId LIKE '%kiln%';


Re-Enable the Mailboxes

Once you confirmed that the move to the new server has been successful, re-enable the mailboxes by running the following update on trial1 database:

UPDATE Mailbox SET fEnabled = 1 WHERE fDeleted = 0;