How to Blacklist a Case from FogBugz Search


If you are using FogBugz On Demand then please contact us.  This guide is meant for Licensed FogBugz.

If you have a case which is causing FogBugz search to throw errors, here’s how to have the search index skip that case.

The blacklist for case indexing is set in the Setting table in the database. To add a case number (replace “CaseNumberToBlackList” below) to the blacklist, do the following:


  1. Get the current value of the blacklist

    SELECT * FROM Setting WHERE sKey = 'sBugIndexBlacklist';

  2. If there are zero rows returned, then:

    INSERT INTO Setting(sKey,sValue) VALUES('sBugIndexBlacklist','CaseNumberToBlackList');

  3. If there is one row returned with no value, do this:

    UPDATE Setting SET sValue = 'CaseNumberToBlackList' WHERE sKey = 'sBugIndexBlacklist';

  4. If the row comes back with an sValue, grab the string value, and add your case number, and a comma:

    UPDATE Setting SET sValue = 'OldStringValue,CaseNumberToBlackList' WHERE sKey = 'sBugIndexBlacklist';