Using Self Signed Certificates


If you have a server with a self signed certificate (for example, your mail server, or the FogBugz server itself), then you may need to tell the FogBugz server that it should trust the certificate and allow connections to be made.

Windows FogBugz Server

(Note: You may need to install the certificate while logged into Windows as the same user that runs FogBugz).

  1. Get the certificate file from the Server in question. You do this with openssl, or IE7 with the following steps:
    1. Load the FogBugz URL
    2. Click the SSL icon next to the URL bar in IE and select “View Certificate”
    3. Select “Details” > “Copy to File”
    4. Select .P7B format (Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard) and select “Include all certificates in the certification path if possible”
    5. Save it somewhere
  2. Import the certificate file on the FogBugz Server.
    1. Run Start > Run > “MMC”
    2. File > Add/Remove Snap-in
    3. Add… > Certificates
    4. Select Computer Account, then Local Computer
    5. Expand Certificates, then right-click “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” > All Tasks > Import
    6. Select your certificate file
    7. Verify that it is in the list under “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”, and that the “Advanced…” tab indicates that it is valid for “Secure Email”

Unix FogBugz Server

For FogBugz 7 on Unix / Mac, you can import the certificate into the trusted root with the mono certmgr command on the FogBugz server. If you had mono installed before you installed FogBugz, specifying the full path (as below) will make sure to run the copy of certmgr that FogBugz installed. This command needs to be run as root since that is the user who owns the runtime/lib directory. Here are some examples:

/opt/fogbugz/runtime/bin/certmgr -ssl pop3s://mailserver:995
/opt/fogbugz/runtime/bin/certmgr -ssl ssmtp://mailserver:465
/opt/fogbugz/runtime/bin/certmgr -ssl https://server:995

Just use the correct protocol, server, and port and this command will make certmgr download and trust certificate for you.