The FogBugz Screen Shot Tool


First, make sure that the screen shot tool is pointing to the right URL. You’ll find the URL in the lower-right corner of the screen shot tool window. Pay close attention to the different between HTTP and HTTPS. If this doesn’t match your FogBugz URL, you should change it to match.

(Note that FogBugz On Demand runs only on HTTPS URL’s, so if your URL looks like, you should change it to

Next, try taking that URL and opening it up in Internet Explorer and in your system’s default browser and try logging in with “Remember Me” checked. Then trying the screen shot tool again.

If it’s still not working, we’ll want you to try two things before contacting us with the results:

  • Try creating a new case without a screen shot.
  • Try saving a screen shot to disk (Windows only).

If you need more functionality than the FogBugz Screen Shot Tool currently provides then you might want to check out SnagIt, which offers FogBugz integration and has robust editing capabilities or try the excellent and free Bug Shooting.