FogBugz On-Demand Slow, Non-Responsive, Unavailable, Offline, or Down



When facing any of the following with your FogBugz On-Demand account:

  • cannot access your FogBugz instance
  • your FogBugz seems to be slow, non-responsive, unavailable, offline or down
  • your FogBugz seems to be slow in accessing the mailboxes setup via EWS
  • you receive errors like:
    • "Server Unavailable"
    • "500 Internal Server Error"
    • "502 Bad Gateway"
    • "504 Gateway Timeout"
    • "JSON API Error: Could not load /api/0/"
  • your FogBugz is displaying a "Whoops! It seems something has gone wrong." message
  • a blue progress bar is shown, but FogBugz does not load
  • API calls take an extended period of time or fail completely

then before Submitting a Support Requestnarrow down the possible root causes by checking the Known Solutions.



Your troubleshooting should focus on the following:

  • Are FogBugz servers available?
  • Are you facing any of the known issues (case attachments, trial account removed)?
  • Can you connect to FogBugz servers from your workstation?
  • Is your workstation experiencing any issues?


Root Causes

Possible root causes include the following:


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Known Solutions


Check FogBugz Status Page

Before any further step please check FogBugz Status page for any known issue or ongoing maintenance:

We try to do our maintenance work outside working hours, but since our users are dispersed geographically, our non-working hours could mean working hours for you.

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Slowness due to case attachments

If the slowness is happening when opening a specific case, the issue might be caused by a large number of images attached to the case. This is a known issue that can be easily determined by opening the inspector in your browser (e.g., F12 in Google Chrome) and checking the size of items and the time it takes for them to load.


If the case has a large number of attachments, including files with big size (i.e., large screenshots), the system might experience performance issues due to bandwidth and rendering limitations on the local machine.


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Verify your internet connection

  • If the internet connection is compromised (i.e., high traffic), the time to load the page might be directly impacted by this situation.
  •  If you are using a consumer-grade internet connection (e.g., cable, DSL, or anything with a Linksys-tier router or modem), try rebooting your equipment. This applies even if the issue is not happening with other websites.

  • Test your internet speed connection. Low speed can indicate problems with your network. This is a list of freely available online speed tests:

  • If possible, try the previous tests from another network (different location, for example, a coffee shop or at home), and a different workstation.

Note: We do not endorse any of the external websites mentioned above. We just recommend you to check your internet connectivity using freely available tools on the web.

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Verify the load on your Workstation

The perceived performance of FogBugz On-Demand could be affected by the performance of your browser. Here we list a few possible issues that we recommend checking before submitting a ticket to our support team.

Possible causes

  • Having too many images or attachments, or having large images to render on a case can negatively impact your browsing experience 
  • Other, not FogBugz related causes that might impact your browsing experience:
    • Too many tabs open can put your browser to the limit and negatively impact your browsing experience. Try closing some of the tabs not needed for your current work.
    • Some web pages running on other tabs could also impact browser performance (ex: web pages running multiple advertising animations, in-browser games)
  • Other applications running on your workstation:
    • Antivirus Softwares run regular scans (weekly) on workstations to identify potential viruses. These regular scans affect the workstations' overall performance. We experienced such regular scans also on corporate workstations during normal business hours.

How to check whether the issue is with the browser or in general with your workstation

  • You can check the memory consumption on your workstation to verify if your environment is affected by the number of displayed items in the browser, or by another application having huge memory consumption.
  • You can check the CPU usage. This could be high during the regular scans executed by antivirus software.

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Submit a Support Request

If none of the steps mentioned above did help to identify the root cause of the issue, please submit a request for our support team providing the following information:

  • Open FogBugz Support - Submit a New Support Request link
  • Provide the following information:
    • Your public IP (you can check it at What is My IP Address).
    • The results of a traceroute to our public IPs: (this IP is Kiln specific)
    • The results of the speed test performed in the previous step: Check your internet connection.
    • A description of the issue as detailed as possible:
      • The steps to replicate the issue (e.g., it occurs when checking a case, using a filter, or using another component)
      • The time when the slowness occurred
      • Whether it is intermittent
      • The number of affected users
      • The affected application (e.g., FogBugz, Kiln, or both)
    • If you are able to provide logs or a HAR file, that will make our troubleshooting even more effective. If you are not sure how to do this, please check the article Sharing Your Browser Logs for Troubleshooting

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