Enabling FogBugz Authentication with Google OAuth



Once your data is migrated to FogBugz On-Premises, you can now configure HTTPS, SingleSign-On, GitHub integration, or Google OAuth. This article explains how you can enable Google OAuth using an administrator account.



  1. To enable OAuth, use an administrator account.
  2. Navigate to the gear menu > Site ConfigurationAuthentication.
  3. Choose either Google OAuth Authentication or Username and Password or Google OAuth Authentication from the Authentication Mode dropdown menu:


  4. When you click the Sign-in with Google button to log in, OAuth will try to match your Google email address with a FogBugz account.
    • If your email address does not match an account in FogBugz or if there are multiple FogBugz user accounts with the same email address, authentication will not succeed.
    • We recommend switching to Username/Password and OAuth temporarily before switching to OAuth-only just in case there is an issue with signing in with Google.
    • If you have set FogBugz to allow users with email addresses at a particular domain to add themselves and a new user has a Google Apps email address with a valid domain, they can automatically sign up for an account.
    • You can use OAuth in combination with two-factor authentication.