Enabling Google OAuth for FogBugz Authentication



Google OAuth Authentication can be used for authenticating FogBugz users. It can be used in parallel with Username/Password authentication and in combination with two-factor authentication.



  1. To enable OAuth, use an administrator account.
  2. Navigate to the gear menu > Site ConfigurationAuthentication.
  3. Choose either Google OAuth Authentication or Username and Password or Google OAuth Authentication from the Authentication Mode dropdown menu:


  4. When you click the Sign-in with Google button to log in, OAuth will try to match your Google email address with a FogBugz account.
    • If your email address does not match an account in FogBugz or if there are multiple FogBugz user accounts with the same email address, authentication will not succeed.
    • We recommend switching to Username/Password and OAuth temporarily before switching to OAuth-only just in case there is an issue with signing in with Google.
    • If you have set FogBugz to allow users with email addresses at a particular domain to add themselves and a new user has a Google Apps email address with a valid domain, they can automatically sign up for an account.