Whitelist of IP Addresses and Domain Names for FogBugz and Kiln



This article provides a list of our public IP addresses and domain names to be whitelisted in your firewalls or other networking equipment (Hardware or Software) to whitelist our FogBugz and Kiln On Demand environment.

This is helpful for receiving email notifications, retrieving email via POP3 or IMAP if you are using FogBugz Mailboxes, the On-Demand service itself, or other outbound services like URL Trigger and Webhooks.




Updated List:

FogBugz API instances

FogBugz HeartBeat Pinger instances

FogBugz Shop & ControlPanel

Kiln Backend

Kiln Frontend




Public IP Subnet Ranges to be Whitelisted

Here is an updated list of Public IP Subnet Ranges ordered by IP address in ascending order:

  • (*)
  • (*) - used for Webhooks
  • (*)
  • (*)
  • (*)
  • (*)

(*) Updated: November 2020


Domain Names to be Whitelisted

Here is an updated domain and subdomain list, ordered by the domain name in ascending order:

  • fogbugz.com
  • manuscript.com
  • kilnhg.com
  • qasupport.kilnhg.com
  • amazontrust.com
  • cloudfront.com
  • cloudfront.net
  • api-iam.intercom.io
  • nexus-websocket-a.intercom.io
  • widget.intercom.io
  • js.intercomcdn.com
  • static.intercomcdn.com
  • i.kissmetrics.com
  • scripts.kissmetrics.com
  • secure.gravatar.com
  • google-analytics.com
  • tagmanager.google.com
  • cloud.typenetwork.com

(*) Updated: September 2020



  • Incoming and outgoing emails (like FogBugz email notifications) will also originate from the subnets listed above.
    • It may be useful for you to add them to your Spam filters.
  • The IP Calculator is a useful tool to get a list of all the IP addresses based on the Subnet range identified above.
  • You can also include our SPF records to your Domain SPF records.
Do Not remove the existing IP addresses. Add the new VMC on AWS IPs (latest IPs in the list above) to your SPF (Sender Policy Framework) or Firewalls as required.

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