Editing Several Cases Simultaneously Using the Bulk Edit Feature




FogBugz aims for simplicity of use. Frequently, users need to modify several cases in FogBugz at once or in bulk. FogBugz has the bulk edit option which allows you to select several cases (or cases in a filtered view) to:

  • Change the cases' options

  • Add a common message

  • Modify the case properties




To use the bulk edit feature:

  1. Get a list of cases that you want to work on, select their corresponding checkboxes, and click the relevant bulk action button at the bottom of your page, such as Reply, Edit, Assign, Resolve, Close, etc.

    For example, you can:
    • send a bulk reply to customers affected by a recently-fixed issue

    • move several cases to another project

    • resolve and close several cases

    • assign several cases to someone

    • subscribe to several cases

    Note: You can also use the quick search function to edit cases by entering a comma-separated list of case numbers on the FogBugz search box, and press Enter to get the bulk edit page for those cases immediately.

  2. Once you click the bulk action button, you’ll see the cases' edit page where you can make the changes you need.  You can do modify the cases' information for items like:

    • Project

    • Area

    • Status

    • Milestone

    • Assignee
    • Category, etc.

  3. Make the changes you need. Feel free to use placeholders for entering case-specific information (or click the Insert case-specific information link above the Save button).

  4. Click Save, or depending on your action, click Resolve & Close, or Resolve, etc.

    Note: If you’re subscribing in bulk, you don’t need to click the Save button. You can also view a preview of your edited text and the history of the cases by using the left and right arrow buttons to cycle through each case quickly.





The bulk edit option exhibits different behaviors when working with open cases compared to closed/resolved cases. The application will only allow you to add notes to the selected closed cases. 



If you need to make changes to closed/resolved cases, you can apply this workaround:

  1. Select all the cases you want to edit and click the Reopen option:


  2. When re-opening the cases, you can assign a tag to the cases you will modify:


  3. Execute the changes (Change Project, Area, Milestone, Assignee, etc.).

  4. Create a filtered view using the tag applied in step 2:


  5. Select all the cases associated with the tag and click the Resolve option to close them:



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