Why am I getting Spam emails?


If you’re using AutoSort to handle your Spam emails via a FogBugz Mailbox, you may run into a situation where emails from one of your legitimate email addresses (e.g. your.name@mycompany.com) looks like spam.

Often, this occurs if you’re using web forms for your customers to submit support requests. Sometimes these web forms do not have protection against spam bots. What is happening is the spam bots are using these web forms. Since your email is the sender of the form and because email header information is so important to FogBugz AutoSort, marking these as spam will never work.

FogBugz’s public case submission form, and many other web forms have honeypots. These are fields that are visible to bots, but hidden by CSS. The bots fill them out without knowing this, and the form creator, if there is anything in the honeypot, knows that it is a spam entry and doesn’t send it. Here’s an article on this technique with some methods of prevention: