Saving Filters / Searches



Searches in FogBugz can be saved. Actually, the filter criteria used for the search and the column layout are what is saved, not the Search results. That is why these are called Saved Filters.



If you find that you are using the same filters, again and again, you might find it helpful to save them for easy access later. To do this:

  1. Once you have the desired search results and the column layout for it, you can save them by clicking the Save link in the gray filter bar, giving your filter a name, and clicking OK.


  2. Once you’ve saved a filter, you can access it by hovering over the Filters menu on the left:


  3. Clicking Filters > 3 dots > Manage filters… in the Filters will give you the opportunity to delete or update filters you’ve already saved.


By default, there are two saved filters already available:

  • Inbox - cases created by incoming emails
  • My Cases - your cases

These are included for your convenience, but you can delete or update these filters just like any of the saved filters you have created.


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