Organize Your Projects with Project Groups



Project Groups define groups of projects so that their cases can be searched and filtered more easily. The relationship is many-to-many, which means a project can belong to multiple project groups, and a project group can contain multiple projects.

In FogBugz, this functionality is provided by the Project Groups Plugin.



Creating Project Groups

Site Administrators can create project groups and modify their associations in several ways: 

Modify Associations

On the main Projects Page (Gear > Projects), users can use add or edit to modify associations.


Add Project Group

Users can add a project's association with a group when editing it through the Admin Dashboard Page (Gear > Admin Dashboard), see the screenshot below. The portion highlighted in yellow details the part where you can modify project group associations.




Search with Project Groups Dashboard

Users can customize and organize projects from the Project Group dashboard directly as seen in this screenshot.


Searching Project Groups

Project Groups are available as a search axis, so rather than search for:

project:"Dogebot" OR project:"Doge-o-matic" OR project:"Wow" OR project:"Very Project"

You can search for:

ProjectGroup:"Web 2.0"


Additional Note: You can refine an existing case list by selecting a Project Group from the Refine Further menu, or you can edit the current filter and select the Project Group on the Filter page: Cases > Edit Current Filter.