Removing an Estimate from History



Sometimes it becomes essential to remove bad or outlier estimates from your history to correct your estimates.

This article provides two main processes to remove an estimate from your history.


Removing an Estimate from Your Estimate History

To remove a bad, worst, or outlier from your estimation history, go to Schedules > My estimation history, and click on the recycle bin icon for the selected estimate.


Note that the list is only built when you have at least ten estimates vs. actuals in your history. For more information, you can review the article regarding which estimates are actually used by EBS


Removing an Estimate That Is Not in Your Estimate History List

You can remove any case from your Estimate History (even if it is not displayed on the list) using the following URL:

http://[Your Fogbugz installation]/default.asp?pre=preDiscardEst&pg=pgEstimator&ixPerson=[Your ixPerson]&ixBug=[The ixBug number]



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