Installing or Upgrading FogBugz On-Premises - Overview



Use this article as the Ultimate Guide or Start page When Installing, Upgrading, Migrating or Moving your FogBugz On-Premises.

The current article provides a high-level overview of the installation process, gathering all relevant links in one place and in their order of execution.

This article replaces our previous "Installing FogBugz On-Premises: The Ultimate Guide".



You have two options to install FogBugz installation:

  1. If you are upgrading or migrating, our Professional Service team can help you. But first, you will need to request a quote for their work from Success Team.
  2. You may install or upgrade yourself either by using the current guide - which is outlining the high-level steps (you can easily skip the familiar steps).


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The high-level process of the installation is the following:


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