Display GitHub Commit and Pull Requests Within FogBugz Cases by Enabling GitHub Integrations



To have GitHub commit messages on your FogBugz cases, you will need to enable GitHub Integration.



Steps to Enable GitHub Integration

  1. Goto Avatar Menu > Integrations to enable GitHub integrations. This integration can be enabled for one or more GitHub repositories that you choose.
  2. Click on GitHub.
  3. Click on Add New Repository.
  4. Click on Authorize FogBugz and select the repositories where you would like to have FogBugz access. Confirm your selection by clicking Done.
  5. The repository has been added.
  6. To test the integration, create a commit in your repository where you mention in your commit message an existing case using the following format "case xxxxx" where xxxxx is the case number. If the integration is correct, the commit message should appear on your case as a new comment.



Notes about the GitHub Integration

  • Pull requests are displayed on the case only after they are merged as described in Why I Don't See My Pull Requests on the Case.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Azure DevOps Git repos is not available, because the current GitHub integration is hardwired to GitHub.com.


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