Filter Groups


Filter Groups

Ever feel like you have too many saved filters? Are the shared filters for project Enchilada making you have to scroll to see your filters for project Taco? Filter groups are here to help!

What can Filter Groups Do?

Hide/unhide Shared Filters from your personal Cases Dropdown

To hide a shared filter, just hover over it and click on the eye icon on the right-hand side.

If, in the future you’d like to see that filter in your list again, you can go to “Manage filters…” and uncheck the “Hidden for me” box. Presto! It’s back! Note that shared filters can only be hidden. They can’t be moved to other Filter Groups, or they will no longer be shared.

Arrange Personal Filters into Groups

Filters can be grouped for convenience. To create a group, you’ll click “Create new filter group” in the Cases dropdown and name your new group.  To add filters, just drag them into the proper area! Remember: shared filters must stay in the Shared Filters group. That’s how we know to share them!

Expand and Collapse Filter Groups

To collapse a filter group, click the minus sign (-) next to the name. To expand, click the plus sign (+)!

Arrange the Order of Filter Groups

To put your filter groups into a different order, you can drag-and-drop them.